You will be welcomed in the in the peace and love of Christ. We LOVE visitors! If at any point in the service you become confused, just ask the person next to you to help. You will notice that everyone partakes in worship. The congregation goes far beyond just singing together. We pray together, we join in saying the Creed together, we move together — standing to praise, sitting for instruction, kneeling for prayer and for the Eucharist.

You will join in praying ancient prayers that have stood the test of time. There can be extemporaneous prayers in Anglican services, too, but for the most part we use these timeless words that gracefully capture our longing for God and our joy in his love and mercy.

There is far more Scripture used in an Anglican service than in many other church services. Many churches only read a small passage that will form the basis of the sermon. We read as many as four readings from Scripture — an Old Testament reading, a Psalm, an Epistle Reading, and a Gospel Reading.

We also participate in confessing our sin, just as the historic church did in the beginning. Our prayers leave no wiggle room. “We have sinned against you in thought, word and deed,” we admit. “We are not worthy so much as to gather the crumbs under [God’s] table,” we say together. Anglican worship is about admitting we are utterly incapable on our own of pleasing God or earning our salvation and admitting that only by what he did on the cross on our behalf can we be forgiven and saved. This is the source of our victory, our joy, our peace.

How should I dress? Please come as you are comfortable! You will find most people at Christ the King in business-casual to casual clothing; jeans and sport jackets are both to be found in our congregation! Don’t be shocked to see shorts in the summer either.

How will I know what to do through the service? Every week we print a service bulletin that includes every part of the liturgy: songs, Scripture readings, Holy Eucharist (Communion/Lord's Supper). 

Can I receive Holy Communion? Should I? All baptized Christians are welcome and encouraged to receive Holy Communion in the Anglican tradition. If you have questions about Holy Communion call Pastor Christopher today at 540-245-9050.